Materials at Wilmington Fibre

Wilmington Fibre specializes in non-metallic fabrication. We work with a large variety of insulating papers and engineered plastics.

Our materials include but are not limited to:

ABS Phenolics
Acetal Polycarbonate
Adhesive Polyethylene
Cellulose Acetate Polypropylene
Delrin® Polystyrene
Fishpaper Polysulfone
Glass Polyester PPO
Garlock® PVC
Hydlar® Insulating Papers PVDF
Kel F® Rexolite®
Klinger® Rulon®
Kynar® Techtron PPS
Mylar® Teflon® / PTFE
Nomex® Torlon®
Nylatron® UHMW
Nylon® Vespel®
PEEK Vinyl
PES Vulcanized Fibre

Other material inquiries welcome — contact us for more information.