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Cellulose Acetate

Cellulose Acetate or Celluloid was the first synthetic plastic material made. Developed in the 1860s it's a tough yet flexible material that is resistant to water, oils, and dilute acids. In addition, cellulose acetate has strong mechanical strength, toughness, creep resistance, and ease of moldability. Due to all this as well as inexepesive manufactoring it was quicly mass produced and is still one of the best plastics for production to this day.

Celluloid can also be died into different colors. We offer several colors here at Wilmington Fibre such as green, red, black, white, gold, purple, and many more. Transparent celluloid is available as well.

Additional Information

Operating Range -40˚C to 120˚C
Industry Applications Automotive
Available Sizes Up to 24" diameter
Up to 6" thick
Estimated Lead Time 3-4 Weeks
ABSAcetal/DelrinCellulose AcetateFishpaperKynarNylonPEEKPESPolypropylenePolysulfone PTFE PVDFTechtron PPS
Cost Efficiant
High Melting PointX
Absorbs Moisture X XXX X X
Chemical Resistance
Electrical Insulation
Creep Resistance
FDA Approved