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PTFE is a versatile material that works well in multiple applications. This is due to it's resistance to both oil and water, chemical resistance, high melting point, and it's even FDA approved for medical and food & beverage products.

PTFE is strong and has a low coefficient of friction which makes it easier to handle and offers a tight seal. Combined with it's water and chemical resistance this makes PTFE a durable and long lasting material capable of handling tough jobs for years to come.

Additional Information

Burning Point 620˚F / 326˚C
Operating Temperature Up to 550˚F / 287˚C
Industry Applications Automotive
Food & Beverage
Available Sizes Up to 24" diameter
Up to 6" thick
Estimated Lead Time 3-4 Weeks
ABSAcetal/DelrinCellulose AcetateFishpaperKynarNylonPEEKPESPolypropylenePolysulfone PTFE PVDFTechtron PPS
Cost Efficiant
High Melting PointX
Absorbs Moisture X XXX X X
Chemical Resistance
Electrical Insulation
Creep Resistance
FDA Approved